"Model of the Week"

Name: Roxanna Redfoot
Agency: The Campbell Agency
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Roxanna Redfoot is an American model based in Dallas, Texas. Roxanna found herself in the fashion industry by chance, ditching her career in restaurant management to explore her creative side with The Campbell Agency. Since beginning modeling a couple years ago, Roxanna's versatile look has allowed her work to range from classic and commercial, to edgy and editorial.
1) How and when did you know you wanted to become a model?
My mom always told me I should model, but, like any teenager, I didn’t believe her. It wasn't until a few years ago that other people started telling me the same thing, and I was finally convinced to give it a try. I got signed after taking some test shots with an amazing local photographer, who just happened to show them to the agency. There was a bit of a learning curve for me since I am such a tomboy. I remember I literally had to practice walking around the house in heels. I had never worn them before!
2) Where were you discovered?
A friend and I were shopping at the mall one day when a hair stylist asked if she could use me for a shoot. It was at this job that I made some friends within the industry, and before long, I was setting up test shoots with local photographers. This led me to The Campbell Agency, and it’s been a blast ever since!
3) What do you like most about being a model?
I enjoy the endless opportunities to meet new people and collaborate in a creative setting.
4) What has been the greatest experience you have had so far?
My modeling experience as a whole has been amazing. For every job I book, I have to pinch myself as I think, "I'm getting paid to do this!?". It still excites me. I just try to channel that energy into the lens.
5) What is your fashion dream?
Simply to keep improving my skills, meeting new people, and have every shoot be a success.
6) What was your favorite city you traveled to work to?
I absolutely love traveling, but since I am focused on finishing school, right now, I have chosen to keep my modeling career local. The Dallas/Fort Worth market is a wonderful area to work in. It is constantly expanding and is rooted in the kindness of southern hospitality.
7) Who is your fashion icon?
Well, this is like asking me to pick one favorite song. I just can’t do it. I draw inspiration from everywhere, and everyone, and everything. Variety is the spice of life!
8) What are your goals in the next 5 years as a model?
I hope to have worked on an array of projects that challenge me to improve upon my talents, and to have built positive relationships with fashion industry professionals who recognize me as a model that is reliable and dedicated.
9) What are your secrets for a fit and healthy body?
Educate yourself in general nutrition; learn how food works to provide us with energy, and listen to your body. Don't diet. Focus on forming regular, healthy habits instead. Make activity a part of everyday life, and drink plenty of water.
10) What is your favorite part of your body? 
Depending on the lighting or what clothes I wear, my eyes can be either grey or extremely light blue. I like having the option to be an emotional and earthy grey, or a weightless baby blue each day.
11) What makes you feel sexy?
Feeling like I have accomplished something at the end of the day, whether that means doing a good job at work, or helping somebody out with a problem. I find that when you do something positive for others, that love comes back to you in one way or another. Be nicer — feel sexier.
12) Is the fashion world what you expected it to be?
I had some misconceptions about the fashion industry before I started modeling; I thought it was all fluff, but the fashion industry has fabulously high standards, and is driven by incredibly talented and motivated individuals. The “fashion world” is just that to me: it is its own world that makes its own rules for survival each season. Working in such a constantly evolving environment will quickly teach you to collaborate effectively with a wide variety of creative personalities. Plus, it’s tons of FUN! I feel so lucky to be a small part of it.
13) What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
If I’m not working, I’m usually studying, but in the rare case that I have some down time, I like to spend it just relaxing with family and friends. We are pretty mellow, but we like to mix it up: swimming, cooking out, camping, playing sports, catching the latest movies. If I’m by myself, I enjoy reading, writing, playing guitar, or just tuning out and listening to music.
14) What would you ask yourself that we haven’t asked you in this interview?
“Who inspires you?”  To which I would answer: my mother.  I am just recently realizing what an amazing lady she is.  She paid her own way through college, riding her bike to and from her full-time job, and she still managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA.  She has had a successful career since, and has somehow managed to raise three children who love her and appreciate all of the sacrifices she has made in our journey together.
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ISSUE 22 - WINTER 2019/20