Mia Martina’s career is a testament to the fact that hard work pays off in spades. She was born in Saint-Ignace, New Brunswick, and moved to Ottawa to study at Carlton University at the age of 18, which is when she saw an ad for an internship position with CP Records. A year of hard work later at the label, and it was Mia Martina who was the one singing backup for other signed artists. Then, in November of 2010, she released her first single, her cover of Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina’s “Stereo Love” and shot up to number 10 in Billboard’s Canadian Hot 100; since then, the single has reached platinum sales and earned this talented Canadian a Juno Awards 2011 nomination for Dance Single of the Year, as well as a 2014 nomination in the same category. Along with this and her other incredibly catchy singles, like 2011’s “Burning,” “Latin Moon,” and 2013’s “Heartbreaker,” “La La… Danse,” (which went Gold in Canada), it’s no doubt Mia Martina’s sweet voice be blasting through to your ears for a while to come.

When did you realize that music would be your destiny?
I always knew from a young age that music was going to be a big part of my life. Music is everything for me; it helps me express myself. As a child, I always went through my dad's records and sang in local talent shows. I was always singing. I always dreamed of making music a reality when I grew up.
What has motivated your career?
When I see how my music positively affects people, it motivates me to strive higher and higher in my career. I have so many letters from fans who thank me for being an inspiration to them and who have watched me grow from day one to being the artist that I am today. That in itself motivates me to be a better person and business woman.
Can you describe the feeling of releasing your first album, Devotion?
Devotion was a dream come true for me. It was so exciting to finally put all of my songs to life and create visuals for it.
What was the process of creating your latest single “La La… Danse,” in comparison to your first album? Was it easier, harder, or different at all?
La La….. Danse was a fun record to create. When I wrote this song, I wanted to really show people that it's okay to just live in the moment. I wanted to have fun while making this song and also create a product that when other people heard it, they too would feel that vibration. This new album is more Mia. I had more creative control on this album and it was important for me to get down to the nitty gritty of real life issues that I knew people of all backgrounds could relate to. 
Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration has always come from my experiences, my travel, family and friends.
Is there a message that you wish to communicate with your music?
Yes! Live in the moment, have fun and spread love!
What was the first thing you did when you heard one of your singles on national radio for the first time (or that your single “Stereo Love” went platinum)?
I was actually picking up my dry cleaning when I heard the song for the first time on the radio. I was so excited I left my clothes there and called my mom right away.
Why did you choose to collaborate with Dev for the single “La La… Danse”?
I am a big fan of Dev and her work. I knew she could bring the sexiness to the record. Also she is an awesome person, we totally clicked, so it was perfect. 

If you could work with anyone you haven’t yet, who would it be and why?
I would love to work with Bruno Mars. He is an amazing an talented songwriter, singer and performer. He expresses immense emotion through his music. You can just feel what he's singing about! 
Being that you’ve been nominated more than once for Dance Song of the Year, what was it like going into this year’s Juno awards with another nomination, as someone who’s now been there before?
It's an honour. When any organization nominates you for an award for your contribution to music, that's huge. To be put in a category with other amazingly talented artists is a blessing.
What is it that you like most about your job (aside from the fact that it’s a pretty fantastic job)?
I love to travel! I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I love to eat, so trying different food is always a bonus.
If you could jet off to anywhere in the world to play a show, where would it be?
Paris; it’s the most amazing city in the world and the most romantic.
Who were and are your musical influences?
Michael Jackson, Sade and Mariah Carey. 80's music is also a big influence on my love for music. 
Similarly, if you could pick the brain of any singer/musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Michael Jackson. Can you imagine being taught the moon walk by Michael Jackson? It would be great to learn from one of the greatest artists of all time. That would be a dream come true!
If you weren’t a recording artist, what would you be doing?
I'd definitely be in the fashion industry. I love everything about fashion, trends and of course travel. I could see myself travelling the world being a stylist or a designer.
Besides your voice, do you play any instruments?
Yes, I play the piano since the age of 5.
What is currently paused on your music player?
Right now I am listening to Disclosure and Indila.
How do you feel about the current Canadian music scene?
It's a great time to be an artist from Canada. We've grown so much as a market and it's proven by all the talent and amazing contributions by our artists to different genres of music worldwide.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Still making music, travelling the world. Making new experiences!