Photographed by Mario Miotti
Stylist: Yoshihiro Hidaka
Makeup and Hair: Sacha Harford
Model: Ulla - Q Models
Photographed by Regen Chen
Stylist: Kate Corbett
Makeup and Hair: Natalie Ventola
Model: Shiya – Sutherland Models
Photography by Andy Lee
Stylist: Jennifer Choy
Makeup, Hair and Manicure: Delia Lupan
Model: Kristin - Next Models Canada
Photographed by Anatolii Maf
Stylist: Barbarossa 
Makeup and Hair: Buffy Shields
Model: Rebecca - Elmer Olsen Models 
Photographer Assistant: Alisa Erlikh
Photographed by Patricia Recourt
Stylist: Joanna Plisko
Makeup, Hair and Manicure: Delia Lupan
Female Model: Jennifer Steele - Sutherland Models
Male Model: Jesse Dunphy - EO Models
Photographed by Kay Smith
Stylist: Gilles Clarisse Makeup Artist: Lila Guéant
Hair Stylist: Antoine Iter
Model: Maya - Hakim Models
Photographed by Erwyn Loewen
Stylist: Sonia Torsan
Makeup Artist: Emily Helsdon
Hair Stylist: Dat Tran 
Model: Roxanna Dunlop - Sutherland Models



Rachel Sin
Designer has become an umbrella term, but few can move from one design type to another as seamlessly as Rachel Sin. The designer, who has had pieces featured on ET Canada, E News, and in fashion magazines, earned her master’s degree in Architecture before turning her sharp eye from the curves and edges of stone and mortar to the curves and edges of fabric.
Carole Tanenbaum
The name of Carole Tanenbaum has become synonymous with Vintage Costume Jewellery. Initially, her career lay in the world of corporate art, but she dove into the world of fashion and never looked back. Her collection has become known worldwide for being all things beautiful, unique, and well-made, and consists of 30,000 pieces from designers such as Dior, Lanvin, and Chanel.
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Cindy Cantin
The Montreal-based handbag line C Comme Ça is the often difficult fusion of quality and great price. The woman behind it, Cindy Cantin, has managed to combine the two beautifully, creating a line of bags and accessories that are sustainable (made out of durable merino wool or recycled fibre felt) and use traditional Aboriginal techniques on their construction.
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Douglas McNish
Doug McNish reached a point in his life when he realized that he had to do something to turn his habits around. Today, he is a successful and very healthy vegan chef with his own cookbooks, helping others on the path to health and happiness.
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Martin Golland
Martin Golland has travelled the world, and lived in many countries people only dream of, such as Turkey, Miami, and Toronto. He has taken this vision of the world and incorporated it in his oil paintings, which he has exhibited in Dusseldorf and home in Toronto.
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Sarah Beetson
This Manchester, UK-born illustrator has become one of the most well-known names in fashion illustration. Her list of illustrious clients include The Wall St. Journal, Diesel, La Perla, The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, Ikea, and many, many more. Her eclectic, colourful style has come to create a unique perspective on this classic art form.
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Montreal-born Eve Salvail burst onto the international scene in the 90s when she became one of the fashion world’s top models, muse to genius designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier. She has appeared in many movies and has stomped down countless runways, but ultimately her passion lays in music. Currently, Salvail is tearing up dance floors as DJ Evalicious in clubs and parties across the globe.
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Four Seasons Resort Nevis - West Indies
Travel to the island jewel of Nevis in the Caribbean where Four Seasons Resort Nevis attracts beach lovers from all over to show them a little piece of paradise.