"The New Fashion & Art Magazine"

Issue 8 - Summer 2013



Photographed by Marie H. Rainville
Stylist: Catherine Simard
Makeup and Hair: Amelie Bruneau Longpre
Model: Miyanda - Dulcedo Models
Stylist Assistant: Rick Patenaude
Photographed by Carlyle Routh
Stylist: Alicia Simpson
Makeup and Hair: Vanessa Jarman
Model: Leanne Proctor - Elmer Olsen Models
Photography and Art Direction: Anna Scetinina
Body Art Design: Anna Scetinina
Stylist: Joanna Plisko
Makeup, Hair and Manicurist: Delia Lupan
Models: Kamila and Elena - Next Models Canada
Photographed by Javier Lovera
Stylist: Jessica Albano
Makeup Artist : Luisa Duran
Hair Stylist: Dat Tran
Model: Emily Fox - Next Models
Photographer Assistant: Juan Angel
Photographed by Corina Marie Howell
Makeup Artist: Ash Mathews
Hair Stylist: Monica Escalante
Model: Claudia Cooper - LA Models and Models One UK
Photographed by Stephan Glathe
Production: Ila Nazar - Ekaya Productions
Stylist: Michael Cooper
Makeup and Hair: Alba Frei
Model: Emma Menteath - Outlaws Models Cape Town
Photographed by Mike Lewis
Stylist: Joanna Plisko
Makeup and Hair: Blair Petty
Model: Anna Stephenson - Sutherland Models
Photographed by Sylvie Blum
Stylist: Dr Dee
Makeup and Hair: Jacqui Jordan
Model: Julia Lescova
Photographed by Kira Bucca
Stylist: Ikponmwosa Edorisiagbon
Makeup Artist: Alexis Williams for Kevyn Aucoin
Hair Stylist: Aleetha Clanton
Models: Jeanne - IMG  and Adam Bates - New York Models
Photographer Assistant: Tam Nguyen
Styling Assistant: Olimpia Compean



Denis Gagnon
Montréal designer Denis Gagnon has made quite a name for himself over the years with his darkly minimalist designs. While he still dabbles in costume design, Gagnon has gained a legion (and growing) number of fashion-elite fans who crave what he creates, fueled by his own addiction to leather. A tour de force in both the Canadian and international fashion industry, Gagnon is a force to be reckoned with.
Marianas Trench, the Vancouver based band, has enjoyed mounting success in both the Canadian and U.S. music industry. Their first single “Cross My Heart” was played non-stop on radios across North America when it was released in 2008, and their latest offering, album “Ever After”, has led to both a platinum single and a gold single. Plus, they just won Group of the Year at the 2013 Juno Awards.
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Aldo Orta
If you have seen any photos of royal families recently, from the Royal Family of Kuwait to Prince Albert of Monaco, chances are they were wearing pieces by jewelry designer Aldo Orta. Hailing from Mexico and inspired by the myths and spirituality of life on this earth, Orta has designed countless custom pieces for royalty, as well as celebrities such as Jay Z, Colin Farrel, Giselle Bündchen, and P Diddy among many others.
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Sarah Shell - 442 McAdam
If one person can squash the “fashion is flakey” stereotype, it’s handbag designer Sarah Shell. A biology grad from McGill University in Montréal, Shell took a jump and turned her full attention to creating her vintage-inspired line of handbags, 442 McAdam. Today the company is still Canada-based but has spread out far: 442 McAdam bags have been seen on such notable celebrities as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
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Pietro Adamo
It would be hard to calculate how many young artists painter Pietro Adamo has influenced over his career. Born and based in Toronto, Adamo taught fine art for over 20 years while continuing to pursue his own work. Today, his passion is still evident as he continues to garner inspiration from everywhere and his work is shown in galleries all over the world.
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Sarah Hankinson
Not many people would be able to say that they came face-to-face with their own drawings on display when going to buy a major-label lipstick; but Sarah Hankinson, the Melbourne, Australia-based illustrator, is one of those few. Her work combines crisp, fluid pencil strokes with punchy bursts of juicy watercolour to create images that fans and clients such as Target and Maybelline adore.
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Four Seasons Resort Hualalai - Hawaii
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, set on the picturesque Kona-Kohala coast of Hawaii, first opened its doors for guests in 1996, and completed a $40-million enhancement in late 2009.