Fall 2013



Photographed by Genevieve Charbonneau
Makeup and Hair: Sabrina Rinaldi
Model: Chantal - Specs Models
Photo Assistant: Neal Hardie
Photographed by Koby
Stylist: Terri Dacquisto
Makeup and Hair: Natalie Blouin
Model: Dajana - Elmer Olsen Models
Photographed by Anthony Turano
Stylist: Bianca Di Blasio
Makeup Artist: Nisha Gulati
Hair Stylist: Karisa Hannah
Models: Viktoriya and Cat - Folio Montreal
Photographed by Richard Dubois
Stylist and Nail Artist: Annie Lam
Makeup and Hair: Elena Pacienza
Models: Stephanie - Plutino Group / Chantale Nadeau,
and Jane - Push Agency
Photographed by Maayan Ziv
Stylist: Tiffany Briseno
Makeup Artist: Jackie Shawn
Hair Stylist: Tami El Sombati,
Models: Jennifer Steele and Ben Clark - Sutherland Models
Photographed by Ugo Richard
Stylist: Benjamin Armand
Makeup Artist: Annabelle Petit,
Hair Stylist & Flower Creations: Sebastien Le Corroller,
Model: Masha - City Models
Photographer Assistant: Adeline Gauvain
Stylist Assistant: Fleur Huyn Evans
Hair Stylist Assistant: Carole Douard
Photographed by Jill Wachter
Stylist: Cameron Carpenter
Makeup and Hair: Daniel P.
Model: Jennifer Lamiraoui - Elite Models
Photographed by Gabe Toth
Creative Director: Dylan K Hanson
Makeup Artist: Shawna Lee
Hair Stylist: Dylan K Hanson
Model: Elise - Elmer Olsen Models
Photographed by Fabio Piemonte
Stylist: Angelina Canale
Makeup Artist: Paolo De Vita
Hair Stylist: Alessandro Galetti
Stylist Assistant: Giorgia Giacomini
Model: Kana - Elite model




This label by Canadian duo Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe has become the ultimate in flawlessly-tailored jackets and coats that are both modern, stylish, and classic. These made-in-Canada pieces are distinct in their traditional menswear tailoring details and can be seen both on the fashion elite, and on celebrities.
Kristina Maria
Kristina Maria had no doubt in her mind that her destiny was to be a singer, entertaining audiences on tour around the globe with her powerhouse vocals and catchy songs. This certainty has paid off, and this Canadian darling has a debut record ‘Tell the World’ under her wing, with two hit singles, ‘Co-Pilot’ and ‘Let’s Play’, to prove it.
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Biko - Corrine Anestopoulos
Anyone with any interest in fashion will no doubt have heard of the jewellery line, Biko. Corrine Anestopoulos had been making friendship bracelets for friends since a young age, and in 2004 decided to put her passion and skills to work and create her own jewellery line. Since then, Biko has been featured in many publications and on the mega-hit show Gossip Girl.
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Sneha Varma
It takes a special person to make the leap from a comfy job to a new one that you are so passionate about that you cannot wait. Toronto designer Sneha Varma worked as an accountant before starting over as a handbag designer. After she released her first collection in 2012, Varma has enjoyed speedy success, with features in top magazines and accolades from industry insiders and bloggers.
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Jamie Kennedy
A pioneer of the Slow Food Movement and the relationship between farmers and chefs, Jamie Kennedy found himself at a fork in the road at the age of 17, when he found himself gazing towards either a career in the visual arts, or one in the culinary arts. When he got a job at the Windsor Arms Hotel as apprentice cook he knew the choice was made and the rest, as they say, is history... very yummy history.
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Christian McLeod
This Toronto artist has a way with abstraction that catches your attention, arrests your senses, and makes you think, all at the same time. In McLeod’s own words, “Painting is my way of remembering and interpreting beauty and destruction”. He has lived and worked in many places such as Mexico, Germany, and Spain, but currently calls Toronto and his Toronto-based studio home.
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Jacqueline Bissett
Any illustrator that is starting out (then again, even experienced ones) would want to have the career that Jacqueline Bissett has had thus far. Her graphic pieces, composed of fine and heavy handed strokes and splashes of juicy colour, have landed her jobs with clients such as Givenchy, Selfridges, Rimmel, and Samsung, among many others.
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Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita
Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita was voted the Top Luxury Hotel in Mauritius, and 6th Best Hotel in the World, 2013 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, as well as being listed in the Top 10 Beach Resorts Around the World 2012, Forbes Travel Guide.